Reliable and Free Mobile Commerce

Chop provides merchants easy and flexible
mobile commerce solutions.

For Merchants

Chop is providing merchants with a reliable and free solution to mobile commerce. With our platform local and independent shops are able to offer personalized attention and easy payment options to their most valuable customers. We never mark up menu items, and our service is free for merchants. Chop helps small businesses turn first-time visitors into loyal customers.

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Effortless Payment

Offer customers a mobile pay option so they can avoid the line and expedite payment and service. For you, this means faster service, shorter lines, and more sales.

Better Business

Join Chop’s network of merchants and vendors for increased publicity and additional marketing. We’re an effortless way for small shops to compete with corporate chains.

Valuable Insight

Chop makes it possible for you to better understand customer preferences, and get first-hand feedback. Use this information to provide great service, and turn first-time visitors into regulars.

Personalized Service

Chop provides you with the consumer’s name, dietary restrictions, and usual orders, so you can give a personalized experience to every customer.