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Chop is lickety-split service at all your favorite spots.

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Be a regular, everywhere

With Chop your nearby spots will remember your name, your dietary preferences, and even your usual orders. Navigate nearby spots like you would your favorite websites--with the tap of a button, and a swipe right. Whether you’re ordering ahead or walking in, you can enjoy great food and great service at lickety-split speeds.
Be a regular, Chop pickup
Browse menu

Eat smarter

Browse the menus of nearby eateries and check out current wait times so you can decide where to eat, and whether it’s worth the wait.
Skip the line

Order ahead or skip the line

We know you’re tight on time, which is why Chop lets you order ahead or skip the line. Schedule your pickup, and pay for speedy, stellar service at your favorite San Francisco spots.
Order Usual

Grab your usual in a pinch

Access and re-order past selections with a single tap. Chop is also location-aware, so when you’re nearby your favorite spots you can order your usual without even opening the app. Simply swipe, tap, and enjoy.
Order pickup

Know when your order's up

Always know how long your order will take and when it’s ready by following its progress on the app. We’ll also send you a friendly reminder when your order is up.
Chop pickup area

Easy-as-pie pickup

We think you should always be able to enjoy great food, even on the go. Chop pickup areas make it easy to dine and dash.


“Easy to use, great design, and perfect for anyone rushing to lunch during the week.”
Mat Holzman, San Francisco